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The creation of a house design, starting from scratch, is the driving force behind ARKI-TECH.

The main objective has been to distill eight models resulting from an exhaustive analysis of the client’s needs in terms of space, functionality and beauty.

Eight projects have been developed and designed down to the last detail, improving the experience of habitability in multiple aspects such as insulation, energy savings, use of natural light, comfort, ergonomics, and beautiful spaces.

In our catalogue you will have all the necessary information to choose the most suitable design elements for your needs. Once a model has been chosen, we will study the plot and adapt the design to make the most of the environment in terms of slope, orientation, views and create unique spaces integrated into the landscape.

Our way of building and assembling our houses is based on our own design specifically, in modules. As the construction processes are totally closed inside one of our state-of-the-art climate- controlled facilities, we can guarantee the behaviour of the materials, its connections, its functionality, and overall construction quality.

The process is totally standardized, allowing us precise delivery times.

From the start of manufacturing to final on-site assembly, we require between Three and Four months, which is up to 120% better than traditional construction durations. Another advantage of standardized construction is to have a closed budget from the beginning of the order. There will be no cost overruns, as the total costs of the project can be calculated before starting the work.

We continue to research and improve our chain so that you can enjoy even higher quality, better turnaround times and affordable prices.

The interior of the house is the setting for everyday life.
Enjoy the finishes proposed in any model of house you choose. Together with our interior design department, you will be able to select the surrounding materials in accordance with your interior lifestyle. You will have access to an array of different types of flooring, wall finishes, kitchens, bathrooms, appliances, furniture, and terraces. Also, if you wish, we can provide an integral interior/exterior decoration coordination service; then you will only have to worry about enjoying your new home.

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