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Inspiring ideas

A selection of houses that are the result of ideas that transmit serenity, enthusiasm and functionality. With a common denominator: Passion for materials and their properties, nature as a framework for life, the beauty of pure forms and light as the fundamental architect of space. Mass production at the cutting edge of technology, so that you can live as you have always wanted to live.

Luxury, High-Tech, Bright

Porcelain, Wood, Stone

State-of-the-Art, Challenging, Natural

Steel, Wood, Porcelain

SPA, Timeless, Spaciousness

Concrete, Stone, Wood

Sober, clean lines, water

Concrete, steel, wood

Spacious, versatile, integrated in nature

Concrete, steel, wood

Modern, vibrant, with character

Concrete, steel, wood

Beautiful simplicity, robust, intimate

Concrete, steel, wood

Natural, integrated, framework for the landscape

Concrete, steel, wood

Spacious, warm, versatile

Concrete, steel, wood

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