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The client does not have to deal with any of the paperwork. We list the steps we took to achieve the project:

· Application for a building permit at the corresponding Town Hall.

· Application for electricity, water, gas, etc. supply contracts.

· Documentation for bank financing.

· Deed of New Construction.

· Management of the End of Works certificate.

· Documentation for Registry and Notary’s Office.

· Special transport from ARKI-TECH installations to the plot.

At the same time, we initiate the execution of the earthworks and foundations on the plot.

Each plot is different. Multiple factors influence the optimal solution for the foundation of the house. In this phase we study the composition of the soil, the slope, the climate, the optimal orientation and we decide the most appropriate foundation system for the chosen housing model and its location.

Fixing the housing modules on the plot and on-site finishing with a system that allows the necessary natural structural movements due to temperature changes complete with an integrated, and continuous damp-proof barrier.

The house should not only be beautiful, living in it should be like a dance of perfectly choreographed elements: lighting, air conditioning, security, and the purpose and functionality of each space.

These each require precision to achieve an optimal result and must be cohesive to achieve a sublime living experience that encompasses all the senses. That’s what we do!

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